A Guide to Financing a Log Home

The basics of log home financing are presented in this easy-to-understand summary.

Protecting Your Wood From Insects

Borate-based preservatives help homeowners prevent damage to their wood.

10 Questions to Ask Your Log Home Lender

An insider gives you the advice you need regarding financing a log home.

Staining Your Log Home 101

Log homes need staining for preservation and beauty. It's a fundamental part of owning a wood structure.

Choosing A Traditional Masonry Fireplace

If you want a hand-created fireplace, here are some things to know.

5 Steps To Stain Preservation

Don't skimp when it comes to staining your home. Here are the basic steps you'll want to employ when staining the wood on your new home.

Safety in the Bathroom

The NKBA offers these tips to ensure your family's safety.

Sealing and Finishing Tips for Log Homes

Chinking alone is not enough to seal your home. Learn from the pros with these sealing and finishing tips for log homes.

6 Tips for Working with Contractors

Developing a positive relationship with your contractor is a key to keeping headaches to a minimum.

Saving Your Building Budget for Cost Overruns

Building your dream log or timber home can be one of the best experiences of your life. If you're not strict about budgeting, it can also create an enormous financial mess.