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    Room-by-Room Home Design Questionnaire

    100+ common questions you should ask yourself as you work through the process of designing your log home.

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    Log Home Research FAQs

    How much of a hassle is it if I live in Pennsylvania and want to build my log home in California but buy it from a company in Michigan? This happens every day, especially since so many log-home companies have national dealer networks. The key to making this arrangement work is having a builder you […]

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    Log Home Builder Selection FAQs

    Is there an advantage to hiring a builder before I start talking to architects or log-home companies? It helps to have the builder involved early on, especially if he or she has little or no experience with log construction, because the builder has the ultimate responsibility for the successful completion of your log home. But […]

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    Home Site Preparation FAQs

    Is it better to design a home first or buy the land first? Buy the land, then design the home to fit the terrain, view, access and lifestyle associated with the property. What should I look for in a building site?Look for the same things you’d look for in choosing a site for a conventional […]

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    Log Home Design FAQs

    Can I design my own log home or should I hire a professional? People who have no grasp of space and volume or who are contemplating building a large or complicated log home, usually hire a professional designer, specifically an architect. Many more people, however, find that they can create a workable layout, either by […]

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    Log Home Site Location FAQs

    2 important questions to consider regarding where a log home can be built

  7. Log Home Maintenance FAQs

    Your log home maintenance FAQs answered by Log Home Living’s own editor, Roland Sweet.

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    General Log Home FAQs

    What makes a log home so special? Log homes are distinguished by the solid wood they’re built with, the way that wood is stacked to form the walls and where the homes are built. They’re hard to spot but easy to recognize. To people who admire these homes, they represent a way of life as […]

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    A Guide to Financing a Log Home

    Building a log home is the number-one dream of many people’s lifetime. Oddly enough, paying for it ranks substantially lower on the list. It’s not just the money itself, but rather all of the complicated calculations, details and decisions associated with what will likely be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. No wonder people […]

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    10 Questions to Ask Your Log Home Lender

    Finding that perfect piece of land on which to build your new home, choosing a log-home manufacturer and a builder, and designing a floor plan are all extremely important aspects of planning your dream home. Ensuring that you are working with a lender that can provide you with the proper financing is also a crucial […]

  11. Guide to Buying Handcrafted Furniture

    Here are the things to consider for when looking for handcrafted furniture.

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    Choosing A Traditional Masonry Fireplace

    Just like wood, stone can bring natural warmth and character into a home. And like the timber framers who expertly cut and carve posts and beams following centuries-old methods, today’s stone masons produce functional masterpieces using traditional craftsmanship. Choosing a full-masonry (as opposed to a factory-built) fireplace for your home is just one decision you’ll […]

  13. Wide Log Home Windows

    Choosing the Perfect Windows

    Here are some tips from the experts to help you choose the perfect windows.

  14. What Are Natural Element and Hybrid Log Homes?

    Home buyers are beginning to hear the phrases “natural element home,” “hybrid home,” and “mixed materials home” from producers and architects. So what, exactly, are these homes? Natural design = custom finish“The key ingredient to the natural element home is design,” says Jock Davidson, VP of sales and marketing at Tennessee Log and Timber Homes. […]

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    Safety in the Bathroom

    Nearly 200,000 people are injured annually in their bathroom, according to statistics from the National Safety Council. The most common accidents are slips, falls and scalding from hot water. Although not all accidents will ever be eliminated, the National Kitchen & Bath Association feels that a well-designed bathroom can also be a safe one. The […]

  16. Log Home Kitchens

    Kitchens reflect our passions and desires to create timeless traditions to share with those we love. That’s why so many kitchens today have become gathering rooms, and homeowners and designers are seeking ways to ease chores and add comfort to their kitchens. This trend is even more common in log homes. Not only do logs […]

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    6 Tips for Working with Contractors

    Joan Cordner’s unusual ideas for her log home’s design and decor presented interesting challenges for her Shenandoah Valley contractors. When she and her husband Bob moved from their New Jersey home of 32 years to Timberville, Virginia, six years ago, they designed the home to accommodate studio space for Joan, a potter and painter. The […]

  18. Five Basic Loan-Program Questions

    Here are critical topics you need to cover when shopping for long-term mortgages

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    Planning Makes Perfect: 7 Financial Strategies to Making Your Dream Home a Reality

    Here are 7 strategies that have been utilized by people who have successfully financed a log home

  20. Finding vacation-home property

    Looking for vacation-home property? The brand-new issue of Vacation Log Homes offers a look at the top web sites that can help you find the perfect site. According to the story’s author, Shari Steiner, here are the top web sites for researching vacation home property nationwide. ***** Five-Star Site Sperling’s Best Places ( again comes […]

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