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  1. Personal Carbon Emissions Calculator

    From the EPA’s website, EPA has developed tools to help individuals (and households) reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take action. Businesses and organizations interested in educating their employees and members about what they can do at home to help protect our climate can also use these tools. Use this online calculator to obtain an estimate […]

  2. 1170033_pliers

    How to repair your log home yourself … and when not to

    You can do many log home repairs yourself, but it’s best to hire professionals for the big jobs

  3. Universal design is more than one-level living

    When done correctly, universal design for the mobility-challenged can be invisible and effective

  4. Let’s talk trash

    With black bears found in 43 states and much of Canada, chances are that you’ll be building in bear country. Taking some simple precautions will reduce the chances you’ll wake up one morning and find a bear on your deck – or in your kitchen. Do your homework before you break ground, and you can […]

  5. Living with Bears by Linda Masterson

    Don’t Invite Bears to Dinner

    Book helps you live in harmony with bears

  6. Bedroom planning and decorating tips

    Designing and decorating bedrooms is overlooked and underrated. After all, most people spent at least a third of their lives in this room. We recently spoke with interior design specialists Stephanie Gauthier of Wisconsin Log Homes and Kimberly Ziesemer of Lonesome Cottage to get insight on recent ideas and trends in log home bedrooms. Why […]

  7. Info Center Image 13578

    Caring For Your Log Home’s Wood

    The thought of maintaining a log home may seem intimidating to some homeowners. But unless you are a self-proclaimed procrastinator, following these easy tips can put your mind at ease. Along with today’s new preservatives and regular spot checks, a log home can be maintained in just a couple of weekends a year. John Wilmes […]

  8. Info Center Image 13576

    Deter Your Log Home’s Natural Enemies

    You can begin to protect your home from the elements by using some simple preventative strategies along with a seasonal schedule of staining that will ensure a long healthy life for your log home. The natural enemies of the log home include UV rays (sun), rain & snow, humidity, moisture from the ground, insects and […]

  9. Info Center Image 14188

    Chemists Help to Improve Wood Stains

    Today’s log-home stains and sealants have come a long way from the finishes that were made from alkyd oil-based or natural oil resins such as linseed, tung, soya and paraffin. The resins were often blended with waxes to provide additional water repellency, and then diluted with a mineral spirit solvent. Technological advances and environmental regulations […]

  10. Making Log Home Stain Last

    There are several keys to making your log-home stain last as long as possible. Among them is, first and foremost, to purchase quality stain. But that’s not the only key. “Today our sealants are stable for 3-5 years and can be touched up more often to lengthen the life of the stain,” says Sean Gahan, […]

  11. Info Center Image 13577

    Ounces of Prevention for Long-Lasting Wood

    Tired old cliches have often earned that status. And so it's true with a wood home and the cliche that urges you to avoid a pound of cure. “Every log homeowner should adopt the ‘ounce of prevention’ philosophy,” says John. Yearly check ups on chinking, cracks, holes and discolored areas can give you a heads-up […]

  12. Info Center Image 14912

    Protecting Your Wood From Insects

    Keeping your logs free of insects and wood-rotting fungus is a priority of most log homeowners. Today’s borate-based preservatives have greatly helped the log home industry in providing an affordable pre-treatment that is easily applied before staining.  Applying insecticide/fungicide: After your logs have properly dried comes the first round of protection: borate preservatives. Borate is […]

  13. Info Center Image 14911

    Staining Your Log Home 101

  14. Info Center Image 13838

    5 Steps To Stain Preservation

    Very few homes provide the “back to nature” feel like a wood home. However, living with nature requires planning and protection to keep rain, snow, wind, insects, and the sun's negative effects from damaging your home's exterior. Fortunately, today’s chemists have created many new products that can help keep nature at bay and with proper […]

  15. Info Center Image 14203

    Sealing and Finishing Tips for Log Homes

    Whether or not you are sealing and/or chinking a new or existing log home, you will need to consider whether it is compatible with the stain and then make sure it is applied correctly for the best seal and energy savings. Chinked or chink-less walls benefit from today’s flexible sealants and chinking that are formulated […]

  16. Cleaning Logs Before Staining Them

    Whether your project is with a new home or a maintenance procedure, it is important to read the instructions of the product you are using and follow the advice of the dealer who sold you the system. However, whatever system you choose, preparing and cleaning are a must and should be repeated on a yearly […]

  17. Info Center Image 13839

    Saving Your Building Budget for Cost Overruns

    Building your dream log or timber home can be one of the best experiences of your life. If you’re not strict about your budgeting and sticking close to your plan, it can also create an enormous financial mess. To avoid some of the headaches, take some advice from those who have been through it on […]

  18. Info Center Image 13849

    Trends in Rustic Furniture

    Take a seat, kick up your feet, grab a bite to eat, lay your head down. Home is the place to make yourself truly comfortable: To do so, you need furniture. Many classic furniture styles will never lose their appeal, still furniture designers work hard to make sure today’s pieces fit the needs and lifestyles […]

  19. Wireless HVAC for Your Log Home?

    Wireless connectivity is an interesting option in current HVAC technology. Homeowners can call home by phone or log onto the Internet and direct changes to the thermostat settings. Even more exciting is the fact that the system can “talk” to homeowners or servicing dealers. From simple things such as prompting homeowners to replace filters, the […]

  20. Info Center Image 14202

    6 Steps to Organizing Your Log Home Research

    Planning your log home is like taking a cross-country trip: You have a pretty good idea of your final destination, but you’re not quite sure of the best way to get there. Do you want the most scenic route or the most convenient? Do you want to spend your money on certain locations or save […]

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