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  1. Keys to Buying Raw Land

    If you’re planning to build a new home, selecting your site is as vital to the completed project as the design of the structure. For most of us, the appeal of a log home comes not only from the building itself, but also from the surrounding environment and how the home is situated on the […]

  2. Cabins & Vacation Home Web Links

    GETTING STARTED Home of the Log Homes Council (an association of log-home manufacturers) Home of the International Log Builders’ Association (another association of log-home manufacturers) This search tool by allows users to create their own Top 10 places to live by first selecting one characteristic to rank cities by and then […]

  3. Info Center Image 17915

    Closing down your cabin for the season

    Owning a vacation log home is, for most people, a dream come true. But now you have to sustain that dream, and that means protecting it even when you are not there. When vacation’s over, it’s time you close up for the season. So what should you do to ensure that when your family returns […]

  4. 56697_mountain_lodge

    Park lodges of yesteryear

    Some vacation log homes incorporate Parkitecture

  5. Info Center Image 16971

    Overlooked cabin design ideas

    Some new trends and some old ideas that are still popular.

  6. 937374_compact_fluorescent_bulb_3

    15 Tips for Energy Savings

    An inefficient home can cost you tons of money for energy you don’t get to use, and it will make a big, and unnecessary, impact on the environment for generations of today and tomorrow. Save both kinds of green with this advice on design, appliances and more.

  7. Feng Shui: The art of placement

    Creating a healthy environment based on a natural balance of earthen materials, rich and subdued colors and a flow of energy that rejuvenates and revitalizes the soul are the key principles of Feng Shui. A Feng Shui consultant begins at the home site and actually determines the optimal placement of the home based on several […]

  8. 1267350_log_cabin

    Regional log-home styles abound

    You’ll see a predominance of a certain style in your area of the country, but don’t limit your thinking to what you see locally.

  9. How to deal with carpenter bees

    These loaners can wreak havoc on a wood home, but you can deal with them if you take these steps

  10. The 4-Step Process to Reading a Floor Plan

    It’s not just lines and numbers. You need to learn how to interpret how the picture will turn into your dream home.

  11. Ultimate Master Suite

    Planning the Ultimate Master Suite

    A master bedroom isn’t just a bedroom anymore.

  12. Greenest of the green homes

    Doctor-entrepreneur puts together a green home to demonstrate it can be done

  13. Stairs an integral part of today’s log homes

    Stairs came late to log homes. Frontier cabins developed as one-story dwellings, so stairs had no place in them. When sleeping lofts were introduced, ladders let people move up and down. These ladders consisted of two small logs connected by rungs of tree limbs. The stairs in today’s log homes serve the same purpose as […]

  14. 1323518_sunflower

    9 Simple Ways to Save Energy

    Want to save both money and energy? Check out these energy-efficient savings ideas from the Log Homes Council.

  15. How to test your logs for restoration

    There is a simple method log home owners can try to assess their building and their need for a restoration expert, says Matt Edmunds of Edmunds and Company Log Home Restorations. Take a small hammer, he says, and place one hand on a log that you know is good. With the hammer, tap the log […]

  16. 994985_wrought_iron_deco

    Heavy Metal: Wrought iron accents

    Blacksmithing and log-building traditions go hand in hand

  17. Personal Carbon Emissions Calculator

    From the EPA’s website, EPA has developed tools to help individuals (and households) reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take action. Businesses and organizations interested in educating their employees and members about what they can do at home to help protect our climate can also use these tools. Use this online calculator to obtain an estimate […]

  18. 1170033_pliers

    How to repair your log home yourself … and when not to

    You can do many log home repairs yourself, but it’s best to hire professionals for the big jobs

  19. Universal design is more than one-level living

    When done correctly, universal design for the mobility-challenged can be invisible and effective

  20. Let’s talk trash

    With black bears found in 43 states and much of Canada, chances are that you’ll be building in bear country. Taking some simple precautions will reduce the chances you’ll wake up one morning and find a bear on your deck – or in your kitchen. Do your homework before you break ground, and you can […]

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