Planning a Log Home | Step-by-Step Overview of the Log Home Building Process

This step-by-step overview will help you understand how your log home gets built.

Fireplace Venting Options | Choices for Venting Your Home

Fireplace Venting Options
Follow these guidelines for choosing the best venting option for your fireplace.
by: Log Home Living editorial staff

Nothing adds convenient coziness to a dream home quite like a roaring gas fireplace. But choosing the correct venting option for your fireplace or stove can be as difficult as starting a fire by rubbing two […]

15 Small Log Home Design Tips | Maximize Space in a Small Log Home

Expert tips for squeezing more living space into the smallest log home designs.

How To Differentiate Between Builder and General Contractor

Advice for picking the right people to build your dream log home.

Popular Log Home Styles

Popular Log Home Styles
Articulate to your designer the exact style of home you’re looking for by consulting this log home style breakdown.
by: Log Home Living editorial staff



Mountain Chalet


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A Guide to Log Corner Profiles

How your logs intersect at the corner is one of the most defining features of your home. Consult this log home corner profile style guide to learn more about popular styles of log home corners.

How To Decorate With Nature | Plants as Decor for Your Home

Live plants add color to any room, and they're fairly inexpensive, too — a big plus if you're decorating on a budget.

How To Find Good Deals on Decor at Flea Markets | Cabin Decor Ideas

Find out how antique stores and flea markets can provide ideal accessories to complete the look of your log home.

Home Decor Checklist | Guide to Accessorizing Your Log Home

Print this log home accessory checklist so you won't miss out on a single item in your log home planning.

Furnishing Success – the Master Bathroom

Furnishing Success
Tried-and-true tips for successful log home living spaces
by: Home Buyer Publications editorial staff


the Master Bathroom
When design manager Brandon Miracle of Knoxville, Tennessee-based StoneMill Log Homes drafts the ideal master bath, he focuses a great deal of attention on the size and style of fixtures that will be used and designs the space accordingly. […]