Custom Built Log Home | One in a Million | Strongwood Log Homes

| Log Home Living | by: Holly Smith | photography: James Ray Spahn

Throwing out the usual rules, a Wisconsin homeowner […]

Photos of Jack Hanna’s Log Cabin | Animal Kingdom

Photos from the article "Animal Kingdom: Planning a Log Home for Jack Hanna."

Photos of a Winter Cabin in Montana | A Long-Distance Affair | Centennial Log Homes

Log Home Living | by: Kenya McCullum | photography: Heidi Long

Not even swamps, vast prairies and towering mountain ranges could […]

Winter Cabin Photos | Centennial Log Homes

Log Home Living | by: Kenya McCullum | photography: Heidi Long

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Winter Cabin Images

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Winter Cabin Pictures

Winter Cabin Photos

Winter […]

Home Budget Calculators | Log Home Design

Use our mortgage calculator and home building budget estimator to help figure out how much you have available to spend on your home, and how much you should allot to different home-building cost categories.

What’s Your Style? | Printable Log Home Decor and Style Quiz

We've created this style quiz to will help you and your partner figure out where you can find an enjoyable middle ground in terms of home style and decor.

Log Home Maintenance Checklist

Keep your home in excellent condition by following this log home maintenance checklist.

Log-Home Maintenance Checklist
The key to keeping your logs […]

The Truth Behind Log Home Chinking Myths

Learn the truth about five common log home chinking misconceptions.
Whatever the wood species, corner profile or overall style, log homes […]

How To Select the Perfect Log-Home Company

Use these questions to interview any log-home company you are interested in working with to build the log home of your dreams.

What to Ask a Prospective Log Home Builder | 10 Questions

Dreaming about your ideal log home is a lot easier than finding a builder to actually build it. Here are 10 questions to ask any prospective builder before you sign on any dotted lines.