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  1. georgia_cabin_for_rent

    Happily Ever After: Georgia Cabin for Rent

    A couple builds a small cabin in Georgia that you can rent.

  2. Info Center Image 7113

    Smart Irrigation

    by: John Morrell | Log Home Living The average American uses 140 to 160 gallons of water per day. And it's not just from long showers or leaving the water on while brushing your teeth; half that amount is used to irrigate the landscape around our homes. That's a lot of wasted water—and money. Water […]

  3. Info Center Image 15056

    Teton Blessed | Photos of an Idaho Log Home

    "Cutting corners and hurrying the process doesn't make any sense once you decide you want a log home," says Dave Abbott, the proud owner of this spectacular Douglas fir home in Idaho. "Take the time to do it right, make sure your builder is really on board, and watch everything come together." "We wanted to […]

  4. Info Center Image 6977

    Teton Blessed | An Idaho Log Home

    An East Coast family settles in the foothills of the Teton Range in a home that's welcoming, bright and certainly unforgettable.

  5. Info Center Image 13850

    Space Cases: Space-Saving Decor from IKEA | Clare’s Wares

    Log Home Living | by: Clare Martin Gate-leg Dining Table Wall-Mounted Kitchen Storage Fold-Out Guest Bed with Storage I have a confession to make: I am hopelessly in love with IKEA. I can still remember my first visit to the modern-design superstore almost 10 years ago—it was during my semester abroad in college, and I […]

  6. Heidi Long bunk room

    Design a Bunk Room

    1. Function First Can you say sleeping quarters? This bunk room is functional first, to be sure, and the custom built-in beds make it a favorite spot for the kids to sleep. Drywall lined with a thin layer of wood paneling is a leaner option than round log walls, which tend to hog square footage. […]

  7. Info Center Image 6813

    10 Tips for Getting Into Your Log Home Fast

    by: Barbara Jacksier | Country's Best Log Home Ask any happy log homeowner and he or she will tell you that perfect dream homes don't just come together overnight. However, if you need or want your new log home built in record time (and who doesn't?), time-saving strategies and choices are available at every stage […]

  8. Info Center Image 6812

    Guide to Window Treatments for Log Homes

    Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, window treatments came with limited options—namely curtains, curtains and more curtains. But the times they are a changing. Today's window treatments come in all shapes and sizes, including many streamlined options that blend effortlessly with refined, rustic interiors. Whether you're looking to add some […]

  9. Lush ferns thrive in the wet soil that surrounds the home, carpeting the ground from the back steps to the sandy shore just 100 yards away.

    Lady of the Lake: Log Home on the Maryland Shore

    An adventurous woman builds her dream log home along her own slice of Maryland shoreline.

  10. Info Center Image 6375

    Home at Last: A Lake Home in Washington

    A log gem in the Cascades rises as a testament to perseverance and hope.

  11. Info Center Image 6374

    Garden Picks for Spring 2009

    Spring is in the air, and it's time to green our thumbs. According to the Garden Media Group (, more and more of us are doing just that in a "grow-it-yourself" movement fueled by an expanding awareness of the environmental and it simple being a sound way to stretch the dollar when it comes to […]

  12. Info Center Image 6373

    The Next Best Thing | Log Home Floor Plan Design Contest Runner’s Up

    April 2009 | Log Home Living | by: Whitney Richardson The 11th Annual Floor Plan Design Contest was no doubt a close one, with a wide variety from which to choose. These five home designs just barely missed the cut. Our expert panel of judges including Scott Bickford of R.S. Bickford and Company (, Dan […]

  13. Info Center Image 6371

    Last-Second Seating | Clare’s Wares

    Log Home Living | by: Clare Martin Ultrasuede Beanbag Chair Corduroy Floor Cushions Down Boyfriend Pillow If you've ever thought about throwing an impromptu movie night in your great room, but had to call it off because you just didn't have enough seating for all of your friends and family, I've got some good news […]

  14. Info Center Image 6366

    Understanding Mortgage Economics

    by: Whitney Richardson | Log Home Living We've all been watching the past few months as headline after headline forecasts the apocalypse for the world's economy. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been on a rollercoaster ride since the end of third quarter 2008, which has led to decreased consumer spending and severe job cuts. […]

  15. Info Center Image 6365

    The Natural: A Log Home in Tennessee

    When it comes to craftsmanship and longevity, a Tennessee home proves that building with logs is the only way to go.

  16. Info Center Image 6358

    StoneMill Log Homes Celebrates 35 Years of Business

    StoneMill Log Homes: Building Dreams since 1974! In January 2009, StoneMill Log Homes celebrates its 35th Anniversary of making log home dreams a reality! Since 1974, StoneMill has specialized in a Dovetail-Cornered log system that incorporates the tradition of a 4” chink joint. A commitment to premium products and unparalleled customer service has established StoneMill […]

  17. Info Center Image 6297

    Luck of the Draw | Loan Scheduling

    by: Joe Bousquin | Log Home Design The draw of log-home living is obvious: Their rustic good looks and close-to-nature feel inspire us to fall in love with them time and time again. But, when it comes to financing, understanding the draw schedule behind your construction loan can be less clear. When you apply for […]

  18. Info Center Image 6293

    Stylish Mudroom Decor | Clare’s Wares

    Log Home Living | by: Clare Martin Chalkboard Bin Bronze Boot Tray Leaf Wall Hooks …And the rain and the snow and the slush. Let's face it: Your mudroom is going to see its fair share of nasty gunk. But, like it or not, it's also the entrance to your home that family and close […]

  19. Info Center Image 6288

    Design a Cozy Eating Nook

    by: Rachel Machacek | Log Home Living OK, so if you haven't heard by now, the formal dining room is out. Kaput. History. Why would you dedicate that much space to a room you use three times a year? In an effort to help reclaim the square footage that's been getting sucked down the drain […]

  20. Info Center Image 6289

    Bathroom Design for Log Homes

    by: Lisa Marquis Jackson | Log Home Living Since Roman times, the bathing ritual has been relished as one of life's greatest pleasures. And with the high-speed pace of the 21st century, it's clear why today's homeowners are bringing the bath back into the limelight, making it a place to rejuvenate body and spirit. "It's […]

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