5 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home Design

Here are some ways that you can create a pet-friendly home design that will thrill your dog, your cat — […]

Building With Energy-Efficient Products

Achieve your "green" house goals with the most energy-efficient products and building materials.

Designing Eco-Friendly Homes: An Interview with Activist and Actor Ed Begley, Jr.

Environmental activist and actor Ed Begley, Jr. talks to Log Home Design about eco-friendly home designs.

Log Home News: Rocky Mountain Log Homes Receives Stewardship Partner Award 4/9/08

Rocky Mountain Log Homes accepted a Stewardship Partner Award from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

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Photos from the article "Light of the Lake: Planning a Lakeside Log Home."

Keeping a Log Home Casual | Comfortable and Stylish Log Home Interiors

There's nothing prim and proper about log homes, and kick-your-feet-up style is the only way to go when it comes to log home decor.

Hybrid Log Home Photos | Merge Into One | Rustic Hybrid Log Homes

| Log Home Living | by: Holly O’Dell | photos: James Ray Spahn | styling: Colleen Macomber

Hybrid Log Home Photos

Slideshow […]

A Rustic Hybrid Cabin | Merge Into One | George Bassert Precision Construction Inc.

| Log Home Living | by: Holly O’Dell | photos: James Ray Spahn | styling: Colleen Macomber

A homeowner expands his […]

Log Home Interior Design Ideas | Interior Design for Log Homes

Not sure how to create the perfect look for your log home? Then read these design articles from a professional who specializes in interior design for log homes.

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