Home Site Preparation FAQs

What you should know when purchasing land for your log home.

Caring For Your Log Home’s Wood

You can keep your log home’s wood in like-new condition without needing expensive log replacements.
The thought of maintaining a log […]

Log Home Design FAQs

Key questions you might have about designing your log home.

Corners FAQ: What’s a Butt-and-Pass?

Where the walls of a log home meet, options abound. Here's a primer on the different corner styles you're going to be hearing about.

Deter Your Log Home’s Natural Enemies

Sun, wind, water and creatures will all make their attempts to borrow some beauty from your log home, but you have the ability to deter them.

Log Home Site Location FAQs

Two important questions to consider regarding where a log home can be built.

Cowboy Decor: Ideas for Homes on the Range

Decorating your log home, Western style.

25 Tips to the Perfect Floor Plan

25 expert tips for designing your perfect floor plan.

Special Spaces: Five unique areas to include in your log home

When designing your log home, add a few extra personal places, from quiet corners to neat niches.

DIY: Ceiling Fan Installation

Hooking up a new ceiling fan is as easy as 1, 2, 3.