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Designing a Log Home

Find inspiration for your log home’s design, from the bedroom and bathroom to the kitchen and great room. Make sure your home is furnished and decorated right – check out these tips, tricks and product reviews for log home design.

  1. Info Center Image 4509

    Affordable Luxury for Log Homes | 12 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Log Home

    Luxury can be a difficult concept to pin down. Sure, there are a select few status-symbol brands that have come to epitomize the word, but in general, luxury often means different things to different people. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for determining what makes a log home luxurious, either, but there’s one hard and fast rule: […]

  2. Charlevoix half-bath

    How To: Add Personal Decor Style to Your Interior Design

    For months (or maybe years), you’ve been dreaming about and planning your perfect home. While perusing the Internet, magazines and model homes, you may have noted specific spaces that pushed the boundaries between architecture and personal style. This progression of personal interior design has evolved from both a need for practical design and the desire […]

  3. Snoring room

    Design a Snoring Room

    Have a snorer in your life? Fear not. We have a solution with a comfortable (and quiet) snore room so everyone can get their zzzs.

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    How To: De-Clutter Your Log Home | Interior Design for Log Homes

    De-cluttering your log home need not be a challenge—or a budget buster. Mix your own sense of style with these professional design tips for a house you can affectionately call “home.” Re-Design, Reuse, Rearrange: One of the easiest and no-cost ways to freshen your home is to utilize what you have and re-design the space. […]

  5. Cooking Center Design Tips | Universal Kitchen Design Checklist | Log Home Design

    Cooking/Range/Oven Center Tips [ ] Consider electric or induction surface cooking over gas for safety where a user has cognitive or physical disabilities.   [ ] Consider magnetic induction, more accessible because no direct heat is used, the surface is easier to clean (no burned on spills) and meals can be cooked in same vessel […]

  6. Preparation Station Design Tips | Universal Kitchen Design Checklist | Log Home Design

    Refrigerator/Preparation Center Tips [ ] Give preference to side-by-side or French door refrigerators since they place both refrigerated and frozen sections at an easily accessible height. [ ] Consider quick access doors to eliminate having to open the unit entirely making it easier to access most used items. [ ] Choose ice’n’water dispensers in the […]

  7. Sink/Clean-Up Center Design Tips | Universal Kitchen Design Checklist | Log Home Design

    Sink/Clean-Up Center Tips [] Consult with the manufacturer and when possible, raise the dishwasher up 6" to 16" for better access, or select single drawers mounted on wither side of the sink. [] Choose faucet handles that require minimum grip to use. Cross handles work, blade handles are better, and single lever, scald-control fittings are […]

  8. General Kitchen Design Tips | Universal Kitchen Checklist | Log Home Design

    General Kitchen Design Tips [ ] Concentrate the work centers or triangle: limits needless steps. [ ] Consider clear floor space and traffic flow when planning island or peninsula. [ ] Use “easily accessed” storage of all supplies and utensils. [ ] Use non-glare finishes, especially for older eyes. [ ] Provide good, adaptable and […]

  9. Info Center Image 3261

    Glorious Greenhouses | Our Favorite Greenhouse Styles | Log Home Living

    Glorious Greenhouses Enjoy year-round gardening by building a greenhouse. Enjoy this slideshow of our favorite greenhouse styles. by: Log Home Living | photography: Greenhouses come in a variety of styles. Check out our favorites from For purchasing information, visit their web site or call 800-665-2124. See one you like? Let us know your […]

  10. Info Center Image 3125

    How To: Select Cabinets for Your Log Home

    Find high-quality cabinetry for log homes at a low price with these cabinetry tips

  11. Info Center Image 2727

    Decor Tips for Bringing Comfort and Luxury to Your Backyard or Home

    Nothing says “luxury” quite like being able to tame Mother Nature. These five innovations will ensure that your cocoon-like comfort doesn’t end at the front door. Get a Robot You don’t have to be George Jetson to own a robot these days. The latest robotic cleaners—which are surprisingly affordable—do everything from vacuum and mop your […]

  12. Log Home Bathroom Interior

    Designing the Perfect Bathroom, Choosing Proper Materials and Finishes

    What are the best materials for heavy wear and tear when it comes to countertops, faucets and fixtures? Bath countertops can be anything from wood to ceramic tile or concrete. Laminates are probably the most underrated since they are often associated with cheap or “builder grade” construction. However, there are many high-quality laminates that offer […]

  13. Info Center Image 2729

    Landscaping Tips To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

    Pre-Winter Lawn Care Landscaping tips to prepare your lawn for winter. (Find out more: Affordable landscaping tips) by: Rachel Machacek During the chilly months, your grass may look sound asleep above ground, but below the surface is a hub of activity. For a healthy spring lawn, follow these quick and easy tips before winter hits: […]

  14. tips

    Design Tips – Landscapes

    Our experts pass along the 21 secrets of creating the perfect home. From gorgeous walkways to great design, it’s all here.

  15. Kitchen Design Tips

    Let Us Entertain YouEntertaining never really went out of style, but it has taken a different form. People are more eager than ever to create their kitchen space with entertaining in mind.”We’re seeing a lot of multiple islands,” says designer Jeff Gilman. “Multiple islands allow for more work and entertaining areas. Maybe one island will […]

  16. Kitchen Design Tips | Fast and Easy

    Fast and Easy Our demand for convenience and fast turnaround has influenced our everyday lives in powerful ways, and functionality of our kitchens is no exception. Thanks to technology, more products than ever address our need to get a meal on the table fast. New this year are high-speed ovens by Kenmore and Samsung that […]

  17. Kitchen Design Tips | Express Yourself

    Express Yourself Regardless of their budget or style, home owners want a kitchen that’s somehow unique. And with all the materials available, the kitchen has become a great place to show individuality and personality. Cabinets, countertops and flooring work together with color and decorative items to create great new looks. The latest in cabinets are […]

  18. foliage_weather

    Fall Foliage Websites | Planning Help Online | Log Home Living

    Falling for Fall | Planning Help Online Tired of waiting for the gingko tree in your front yard to turn a brilliant shade of yellow? Hit the road and discover all autumn has to offer with the help of these online foliage resources. As its name suggests, this site maintains a broad network of […]

  19. Kitchen Design Tips | Kitchens Go Pro

    Kitchens Go Pro In recent years, cooking has often been an obligatory, soulless activity conducted largely in solitude over white or bisque stoves of no particular style. There has been little sense that art is being created. Now, spending time wearing an apron and wielding a spoon is back in style. There are two types […]

  20. CFL bulb

    Log Home Lighting Tips – Every Room

    Room-by-room tips for properly lighting your log home

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