Artist Profile | Gordon Bryan | Handmade, Decorative Tiles

Material matters when it comes to gorgeous tile—especially if the creator boasts an artist’s pedigree.

Step 4 | Finalizing Decorative Stone Design | How to Make a Stepping Stone

Step 4: Finalizing Stone Design
How […]

Step 3 | Prepping the Concrete Form | How to Make a Stepping Stone

Step 3: Prepping the Form and Concrete

Step 2 | Determining Stone Design | How to Make a Stepping Stone

Step 2: Determining Stone Design
How […]

Step 1 | Gather Your Supplies | How to Make a Stepping Stone

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies
How […]

How To: Make a Stepping Stone | Do-It-Yourself Craft Projects | Homemade Decor

How To: Make a Stepping Stone


Step-by-Step: How To Make a Decorative River Rock Stepping Stone | Do-It-Yourself Homemade Decor

How To:
Design a Stepping Stone

Room-by-Room Lighting Guide for Log Homes

To light different rooms in your home effectively, try these approaches for well-lit log homes.

Practical Guide to Glass Windows | Energy-Efficient Glass Coatings Explained

In your sunroom, the kind of glass for windows you choose can make or break the whole deal. Read up on window glazing and learn the technical lingo before you buy.

Colorful Decor for Log Homes | Clare’s Wares | Cabin Decor Ideas

This month’s theme: Kidding AroundWhen I need a dash of sunny yellow, vibrant red or shocking pink for not a lot of green, I always head for the kids’ section of my favorite stores. In recent years, children’s furniture and accessories have become much more sophisticated than the chunky blue and yellow Fisher Price sets […]