Question #4 – What features matter to you?

What features matter to you?
1. Muted tones (think gray, brown, white, black) and a geometric design.
2. A geometric design […]

Question #3 – How do you plan to use the weaving?


Question #2 – What is most important to you in your weaving?

What’s most important to you in your weaving?
1. That it matches your décor.
2. That you’re supporting the Navajo Nation.
3. […]

How to Find Out What Type of Navajo Weaving is Right For You

Dream Weaving
Do you long for a Navajo weaving to lend some Southwestern style to your log home? Take this quick […]

Log Home Diary: Finishing and Furnishing Slideshow

Enjoy these images of our finished and furnished log home!

Finishing and Furnishing Our Log Home | Log Home Diary Entry #4

With the construction behind us, it was time to finish off our log house and turn it into a real home.

Color Quiz | Test Your Color Knowledge

How much do you know about colors? Test your hue IQ with our color quiz!

Book Review: The Woods in Your Backyard

Learn how to nurture and enhance your log home's natural setting with the book "The Woods in Your Backyard."

Book Review: How to Cheat at Cleaning

Find out how to spend less time cleaning (but still have a mess-free house) with the book "How to Cheat at Cleaning."

Waterfall Lamp | Feng Shui Products | Decor Ideas

Waterfall Lamp | Feng Shui ProductsHow to outfit your log home relaxation room with feng shui products

by: Log Home Living […]