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Log Home Decor

  1. Designing for Daylight

    Brighten the mood — and lower utility bills — with plenty of natural light.

  2. Parkitecture

    More than a century ago, 29-year-old architect Robert Reamer designed a lodge for what would become our nation’s first national park in Yellowstone, Wyoming. Siting it near the famous geyser, Old Faithful, the 1904 building made of logs and stones also made history: The Old Faithful Inn became the first great lodge of the West. […]

  3. Vintage Flair

    Last year, I realized I loved old furniture when I found myself stripping, sanding and repainting my dresser, a hand-me-down from my parents, for the third time. More recently, I discovered just how much I adore the vintage stuff when I was late for a client meeting because I was busy scavenging through the remains […]

  4. Stairway to Heaven

    Story by Jay Uhlenbrauck There’s a reason why legendary rockers Led Zeppelin named their most famous tune "Stairway to Heaven." Not ladder to Heaven. Not walkway to Heaven. And certainly not escalator to Heaven. The fact is, there’s just something romantic about staircases, as anyone who’s seen Gone With the Wind can attest. Hundreds of […]

  5. The Not-So-Big Room

    Manage Traffic Flow Traffic flow through a room can cut it in half, according to Chris Clark, assistant manager of the engineering department at Country Log Cabins in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Plan the entry into a room so the opening is on one end of a wall, not directly in the center.The door should open toward […]

  6. Designing a Luxury Log Home | Tips and Trends in Luxury Log Home Design

    If you're like us, daydreaming about winning the lottery translates into a vision of the ultimate log home with every possible luxury. If money were no object, which posh amenities would come first on your wish list? Maybe you dream of living like James Bond, with a bevy of sports cars in a heated garage […]

  7. Holiday Homestead

      Home by Ward Cedar Log Homes Produced by Dick Pirozzolo For decades, Marie Ludorf plotted, sketched and dreamed about building a log home on the farm that’s been in her family for more than a century. "We have a gorgeous view of the land, barns and Herefords," says Marie, who lives with partner Julie […]

  8. 30 Secrets of Affordable Design

    By Charles Bevier OVERALL DESIGN 1 Stock Up. Instead of a custom design, opt for a stock plan from your log producer’s catalog. Stock designs have been built many times before, so construction errors have been eliminated.  2 Shape of Things. Whether stock or custom, a rectangular design is the most economical shape to build. […]

  9. 8 Easy Ways to Add Timber Style to your Home

    If you’re in love with your home’s location but want to add the elegance of timber living, here’s how to get started: Discover Your Direction Whether you’re tripling the size of your home or simply adding a sunroom you’ll need to weigh your budget against your desires while considering the design and any needed improvements […]

  10. Divine Design

    Storage Solutions – Give Me Space Storage is key in any home. Our building pro outlines 6 tips to create space for everything from hiking gear to lawn equipment. by: editorial staff By the time many of you start thinking about your log home’s interior spaces, the initial glow that came with the idea […]

  11. Main Level Living

      Main-level master bedrooms are one hot design trend. Indeed, home owners and architects alike are eschewing the golden rule of public areas downstairs and private bedrooms upstairs, and they’re mixing up these spaces with wild abandon. The decision to make room for the master suite on the main level isn’t random. It’s part of […]

  12. “Do it Yourself” Style

      When it comes to making life decisions, your mother was right: it’s best to plan ahead. Right now, decorating your future log home may seem light years away—and a relatively small task compared to choosing a floorplan, selecting a log producer and all the other details that go into building a place of your […]

  13. Small Homes, Big Ideas

    Rick Blair has a little caveat for anyone staying in his 624-square-foot guest cabin in northeastern Georgia. “Sure, the place sleeps four comfortably,” he says sheepishly. “But it depends how you define comfortably. I tell folks that it helps if all of you are really good friends.”Truth is, through shrewd planning and design, Rick and […]

  14. A Matter of Taste

      You’re about to walk through a host of log home decorating styles that may strike your fancy. In this wing of Log Home Design Ideas, we’ll explore rooms with decorating themes ranging from contemporary to Early American. You can compare traditional design’s formal elegance with the whimsical informality of camp or cabin style. See […]

  15. The Big Finish

      You’ve worked up plans for your new home. You’ve found a log style you like. You’ve even set an overall budget. The hardest part of creating your dream home seems to be over.Yes, some of the tough decisions are behind you, but what about the cost of outfitting your home? (Click image to view full […]

  16. 120x120_866_p24

    Luxury for Less: Dress Up Your Log Home Without Breaking the Bank

    Tips for dressing up your log home without breaking the bank. Our list of affordable ideas will have you on the road to extravagance in no time—with plenty of leftover money in your home budget .

  17. Inside Job

    Something funny happens to people when they build timber frame homes: They get caught up in a whitewashed frenzy. Many are so worried about taking away from the beauty of their wood posts and beams that they opt for sterile, vanilla walls throughout every inch of their houses. Others are brave enough to clad a […]

  18. Home Design – From Crayons to CAD

    You don’t have to be a computer genius to try this user-friendly home-design software that will help you get your floorplan just right. When we were kids, we all started out drawing with crayons, which quickly grew into playing with blocks, Legos, Lincoln Logs and even dioramas to create our version of the perfect house. […]

  19. 10 Decorating Dilemmas Solved

      If you are having troubles putting the finishing touches on your log home, you’re not alone. Home decorating tasks can be daunting, but the alternative — living in unfinished spaces — is worse. We asked design professionals to help tackle some of the most common decorating dilemmas, including problems specific to log-home owners. Here […]

  20. 7 Log Home Storage Problems Solved

    By Peter Lindblad You’ve got a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it. It’s a common problem every home-owner has to deal with at one time or another. So what do you do about it? If you can’t afford to add space to your house, you have to squeeze more storage space out of […]

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