Guide to Building Your Log Home

Detailed "how to guide" to building a log home, covering everything from site locations to log raising to interior finishes.

Video: Choosing Corners For Your Log Home

This video will discuss the different types of corner systems and construction methods available for your log home project.

Video: The Difference Between Log & Timber Homes

Log and timber homes are defined by the way they are built and the material they’re made from.

Choosing Logs (Profiles & Packages)

Our no-fail guide for knowing what you want in a log package and understanding the choices.

All About Log Homes

This free infographic answers many of the basic questions people have about log homes today.

A Guide to Log Corner Profiles

How your logs intersect at the corner is one of the most defining features of your home. Consult this log home corner profile style guide to learn more about popular styles of log home corners.

If These Walls Could Talk | Ideas for Log Home Walls

Modern materials produce timeless style for walls in today's log homes.

The Cost of Handcrafting

Handcrafted homes feature logs left in their natural state. They haven't been milled or cut to a uniform size and dimension. Only their outer bark is removed. The knots, burls and other natural characteristics of the logs are accentuated to create a rare beauty.

Best Facade Forward

The face of your log home should make a great first impression as well as protect your family's log home from the elements.

Log Fastening Solutions

Many types of fasteners are used for log homes. Each log home producer chooses a fastening system based on traditional construction methods, formal structural engineering, on-site handling convenience, availability and cost.