Guide to Building Your Log Home

Detailed "how to guide" to building a log home, covering everything from site locations to log raising to interior finishes.

How To: Prepare To Build Your Log Home | Tips for Preparing for Home Construction

10 questions to ask before building your dream log home.

Farmhouse Style

Our no-fail guide for knowing what you want in a log package and understanding the choices.

Sticking to a Construction Schedule

A realistic construction schedule can keep your log-home project on track.

Steps to a better log home kitchen

These 6 tips could be your recipe for success.
By Roland Sweet

People planning their log home’s interior layout often worry that the undertaking will involve greater challenges than for regular houses. It won’t. Log homes have the same rooms regular houses do, and you live in them the same way. You may desire a dream kitchen […]

Finance Your Dream

This free article aims to help you assess your finances and create a budget plan for your custom log home.

Georgia on the Mind

This Georgia log home creates an imposing profile.

Log Home Makeover Magic

A stylish update brings warmth to the great room of a 30-year-old Colorado log home.

Log Hybrids Gaining Ground

Mixing logs and conventional construction creates design flexibility.

Landscaping for Wildfire Protection

Knowledge and planning are the keys to saving your log home.