Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Unveils Product
Carlisle Announces Custom Coat™ Pre-finished Wide Plank Floors

Stoddard, N.H.: Following months of research, America’s premier manufacturer of unfinished wide plank flooring will now offer a pre-finished option.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors of Stoddard, New Hampshire has long been known for its traditional handmade floors which, since the early 1960s, have been sold and shipped directly to customers in unfinished form.

“Pre-finished flooring has been out there a long time,” says company president Don Carlisle. “But we waited until we could be sure of getting it right in terms of a rich, lustrous, traditional look. And right, in terms the environment. The result is our new Custom Coat finishes.”

Most other flooring companies “farm out” the finishing process and leave the bottom of each board unfinished. Which, because of moisture absorption, can mean instability problems as well as mold and mildew. But Carlisle Custom Coat finishes are applied to the top, bottom and even the tongue and groove by Custom Shop craftspeople so that the board will stay dry, flat and stable. Plus, they incorporate a special additive which further inhibits mold, mildew and other unhealthy airborne microbes.

Because the boards are completely sealed and cured, they don’t have to be stacked in the house for days to acclimate—or require long waiting periods for each coat to dry in humid climates.

Which means any professional installation will now go faster and more economically. And do-it-yourselfers won’t have to live with smelly fumes, sticky floors and stacked furniture for days on end.

First and foremost, the finishes are formulated to be environmentally friendly. For example, they contain no measurable Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which can pose a significant health hazard as they escape into the air when finishes are applied on site. Yet they are gorgeous. With a deep, rich patina that looks rubbed in rather than painted on.

Carlisle Custom Coat finishes are also three times more durable than typical site-applied polyurethane finishes—yet, unlike other pre-finished floors, they can be easily be touched up when accidents happen. Or be totally refreshed after years of wear. This represents a huge market breakthrough.

In addition to a clear top coat, the new finishes are available in all thirteen of Carlisle’s Historic Stains or any individually-created color. And in board widths up to 12 inches, plus all custom surface treatments, including foot-worn, hand-scraped and saw kerf. Which is something no one else presently offers.

A commercial version that stands up to the heaviest foot traffic in the busiest of places is also available.

As summed up by Don Carlisle: “The fact that we do this one board at a time, one floor at a time ensures perfect results every time. It’s a better quality finish than anything that can be done on the job site.”

About Carlisle Wide Plank Floors:
Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is a family owned and operated company that values integrity and quality craftsmanship. Since its creation over forty years ago, Carlisle has become an industry leader in hand-crafting old growth pine, hardwood and reclaimed antique wood floors. Click here for more information.

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