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A Systems Solution To Custom Stairs


Designed Stairs Inc. (DSI) has spent the past several years analyzing the stair needs within the building systems industry, resulting in two product lines specifically designed for the modular/systems built/panelized home building concepts.

The first product line is the “Production Seriesâ€? Pre-Assembled Rail and Staircase Units. These components allow manufacturers to greatly increase the quality and structural integrity of their stair construction while actually lowering their labor and overall costs. These rail units boast true American craftsmanship and materials and will completely blow away any “out of the boxâ€? rail systems available to the modular industry. Home buyers will notice the difference when they look at your competitors “expand-o-rail.”

The second product line is our “Builder’s Choiceâ€? Premium Oak Staircase. These beautifully milled staircases give modular manufacturers the ability to offer their builder network an optional staircase that exceeds the custom look that even their “stick builtâ€? competition can offer.  These staircases are custom built to the exact specifications that we receive from your engineering department, all of the components are pre-cut and pre-drilled. Your builders can install the average modular design in under four hours and they are available pre-finished, and your production line can completely eliminate the stair process within your plant!

For more information contact; Brent Peterson at 877-478-2477 (877-4STAIRS).

Designed Stairs, headquartered in Sandwich, Illinois, is the stair building company with the widest range of experience and ability. The staff of 150 stair building professionals create the most spectacular staircases across America and around the world!

  • Thirty years of experience

  • Over 100,000 designs successfully completed

  • Excellence in craftsmanship

  • Excellence in service

All About Stairs
Designed Stairs Inc. (DSI) is the world’s leading custom stair builders. DSI began in 1969, and our commitment to excellence and innovation has brought us to the forefront of the world’s stair building industry. DSI has a 110,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Sandwich, Illinois. This includes its own dimension mill, fabrication facility, turning mill, metal shop, and finish facility. The staff of 150 employees are the most highly trained and dedicated group of stair professionals in the industry.

System Stairs
Are you a systems or a site builder that needs a custom staircase delivered to your job site? DSI is committed to excellence and the advancement of stair building technology. This commitment has led us to develop the most complete fabrication process in the industry. Our system stairs are currently in use from coast to coast within the U.S. and in several foreign countries!

Our unique approach to stair building is built on our 30-plus years of experience in the most competitive stair market in the world.  We completely design and fabricate your stair specifically for your structure.


Our unique “System Stairs” are custom made staircases that are completely fabricated at our facility by highly skilled stair professionals.  The systems are then delivered by our trucks or shipped to the job site.  Your carpenters can then install the complete staircase in a matter of hours instead of a few days.  This method has been proven to increase the quality of the stair product while reducing on-site labor and the overall cost of the stair project. 

A high quality custom staircase from Designed Stairs will be the focal point of your home’s interior for generations to come.  No single aspect of your interior design will say more about your commitment to quality than the stair inside your front door.

To make sure that those first impressions are memorable, we manufacture all of our own stair components under strict quality control.