Factory Building Benefits

While manufacturers’€™ systems differ, building in a factory environment does mean they share some common characteristics:

  • Building materials are typically stored under a roof, away from the debilitating effects of weather. As a result, there is minimal warping of lumber.
  • Factory building means a reduced threat of job-site theft and damage €”problems that have plagued site building in recent years and can add as much as 10% to the cost of a site-built home.
  • Factories offer craftsmen steady employment and benefits, resulting in a consistent labor force that adds to the quality of construction.
  • While the home is being built in the factory, systems builders can focus on site preparation. The builder is typically responsible for foundation and utility work, as well as for fortifying the driveway to accommodate delivery trucks and cranes.

Systems manufacturers typically sell their structures through networks of authorized builders or builder/dealer representatives. Builders often use standard marketing techniques for new homes, including model homes and the development of residential subdivisions to showcase their products.

Some builders use one building system exclusively, while others have found success by establishing a relationship with a manufacturer of each system so they can serve the needs of any buyer that walks in their office.