Blairstown Distributors

Blairstown Distributors was founded in 1983 by Bob Kren shortly after he completed his own log home. Blairstown Distributors created a niche market by developing custom colors for Woodguard that could be shipped separately in quart cans. This had never been done before and assured freshness plus control of the color at the building site. Factory pre-tints are also available.

Woodguard has been our showcase product from “day one” simply because there is no other “single coat application product” that is EPA registered, a decay and fungus preventive, toxic to termites and powder post beetles, and offers UV protection and superior water repellency.

Blairstown offers free wet samples and will ship anywhere, even foreign countries. Blairstown Distributors ships most orders by UPS and accepts most major credit cards. On-line purchasing is expected to be a reality by late 2002. If you are thinking about wood preservation you should be thinking about Woodguard.

Woodguard is a highly durable oil-based transparent preservative or semitransparent preservative stain designed for exterior log homes, siding, fences and wood shingle homes. Deep penetration provides long-term water repellency.

Natural Home
Natural Home is a clear water based (low odor) product giving a satin finish with mildew resistance and is elastic enough to shift with log movement.

Sta-Brite R is a pigmented water repellent and weather resistant treatment specifically formulated for wooden shake and shingle roofs. It is available in Brown or Weather Grey.

Swedish Wood Oil
Swedish Wood Oil is a clear oil based water treatment specifically made for treated wood. It restores lubricity lost in pressure treatment and will never crack or peel.

Sikaflex #201 or #219 LM
Sikaflex #201 or #219 LM is polyurethane Log Home sealant for interior and exterior use. It may be used for joints up to 1″ wide. This product has USDA, FDA and NSF approval.