by: Donna Peak | photography: Charles Brooks

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We’re thrilled to announce our Second Annual Log Home of the Year: The Wilson Residence by Heritage Log Homes (originally featured in our May 2007 issue, “A Leap of Faith.”)

Our criteria:
With the log home vernacular expanding (as the average house size is shrinking), this year, as we revisited all of the gorgeous getaways we featured over the past 12 months, we looked for designs that expanded the boundaries from what’s expected in a log home to what’s possible.

Why this home? Though more and more designers are thinking outside the traditional log home box, the Wilsons and the folks at Heritage went a step further by taking that box and turning it into origami. The house is, quite simply, a work of art. For proving that a log home can be shaped into anything (and everything) its owner wants it to be, the Wilsons’ home (dubbed the Magna Vista) gets a standing ovation from us.

What kind of reaction has Heritage Log Homes received since this home appeared in Log Home Design?

“Quite simply, it’s generating a lot of excitement,” says Bob Hanggi, vice president of marketing at Heritage Log Homes. “People who’ve seen it say, ‘I never knew a log home could look like this!’ It brings a light feel to these homes while showcasing the flexibility of log construction.” In fact, the company received so many calls about the plan, it spurred a whole new product line, which was unveiled this past August.

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