Country’s Best Log Homes frequently pulls together a panel of experts and asks them questions about log homes. In this edition, the experts were asked about cabins.

Will I have to worry about the construction of a vacation or small cabin?

“Most log cabin providers have resources to accomplish “turnkey” cabin projects. Barna offers on-site distributor technical assistance, a two-day construction school, and an instructional DVD included in our cabin material packages for the true adventurer who has certain skill levels and helpers.”

—Roger Christiana, Barna Log Homes/Adventure Cabins of Central Pennsylvania

“As long as you’re working with a fully insured log home builder who is knowledgeable in log home construction and has references he can provide, you should have no worries about the construction of a vacation cabin. The tough part is that you won’t be there through the entire construction process assuming a vacation property is a bit of a distance for you to drive by every day, so it is important that you do your homework and feel comfortable with whomever you pick to build your log home and also be sure that they offer a full home warranty.”

—Sarah Jubach, Jubach Log Homes

“All construction will cause some level of anxiety at one time or another, but what we hear time and time again is, ‘The cabin construction is the easiest part of the construction process.’ We strive to eliminate needless site work for our customer by pre-cutting almost all of our components. Perhaps the biggest cause of angst for do-it-yourselfers is the pre-planning. Working through local permitting and code issues seems to be as much a challenge as the actual construction.”

—Jeff Davis, Conestoga Log Cabins

Are log cabins affordable?

“Not only are they affordable they are a great value as well.  Our customers report that building a Conestoga Cabin was one the best investment they ever made.  Not only do they have a cabin where they can build a family legacy, many owners report significant equity gain in their overall property values.”

—Jeff Davis, Conestoga Log Cabins

“A majority of the people interested in a log home have enough discretionary income that price is not a factor. However, our homes do not cost $300-400 per square foot as a custom log home can cost, so we are an affordable choice for people. Today, people are finding that they would rather invest in themselves rather than the up-and-down stock market, and they want to invest their money in a home and a lifestyle that they’ve dreamed of. And for many that is a log home. We build on time and on budget.”

—Seth Chernoff, Spirit Cabins

“Ask yourself if you want a luxury log home as big as your permanent residence, or if you want a small cabin in the woods. Many of our clients want all of the comforts of home from a size standpoint as well as a quality of construction. As a turnkey log-home builder, we handle the entire process of log home property development from selling you the lot to developing the lot (engineered drive-way, septic installation, water well, pouring the foundation, obtaining all permits) through log home design and construction as well as final landscaping. Log homes can be affordable if you don’t overdesign and overbuild.”

—Sarah Jubach, Jubach Log Homes

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