Log Home Living: Annual Photo Contest
“Sitting Pretty”

Our Annual Photo Contest showcases the bounty of log-home living.
by: Katherine Schuster | photography: Our Wonderful Readers

Photographs have the power to transport. That’s not an earth shattering realization, we know. But the best photos have a magical ability to evoke emotion and, yes, longing.

This year’s submissions for our annual photo contest were no different. Each of your entries encapsulated the many facets of log-home living, allowing us to escape, just for a moment, into a glorious slice of your everyday lives.

Whether you already own a log home or are in the planning stages of building one, take a minute to look, reflect and soak up the log-home lifestyle.

Enjoy this slideshow of reader-submitted photos. To see the winning photographs, check the February 2008 issue of Log Home Living – on newsstands now.

We would have loved to print all of your wonderful photography, but due to the limitation of space, we had to make some very hard decisions. Either way, we know you’ll appreciate this collection of beautiful images that truly embody the log-home lifestyle. Enjoy!

(Scroll down to view slideshow. Click on the left or right of the photo you currently see to view the next or previous photo!)

Can’t view the slideshow? View the log home lifestyle photos here!

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