Showcase of Affordable Log Home Plans Unveiled
Log Home Design Magazine Showcases 10 of the Most Comfortably Sized, Affordable Home Plans

Chantilly, VA: There’s no question – today’s homebuyer is done with oversized houses at over-inflated prices. Instead, they’re turning their attentions to homes that are more modest in scale but that haven’t sacrificed an ounce of customization or visual appeal. Log Home Design magazine recognizes this thirst for unique, small housing by highlighting 10 smart floorplans (small log home plans)under 2,500 square feet in its April 2008 issue.

“Our industry is at a very interesting intersection in terms of floorplan design,” said Donna Peak, Log Home Design’s editor-in-chief. “No matter what their size, log homes, by their nature, are compelling. It’s hard to drive by one and not call attention to it. But recently, we’ve seen a shift toward more inventive interior design elements, more bells and whistles that make log homes impossible to ignore, inside or out. And it seems the smaller they are, the more creative and appealing they get.”

Running the gamut from a cozy 450-square-foot cabin inspired by Native American totem poles to a 2,425-square-foot country charmer that boasts a sunken living room and a prominent master suite, the homes couldn’t be more diverse. But the designers and architects behind these 15 innovative log home plans shared one common vision—a desire to give clients an exceptional place to live in a smaller footprint.

The companies singled out for their designs range from milled log home manufacturers to handcrafters to independent architectural firms across the U.S and Canada. In addition to the 15 homes underscored in the April 2008 issue, 10 more outstanding floorplans under 2,500 square feet are presented at

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