You know about the basic choices in flooring (hardwood, tile, etc.), but here are six new choices in flooring that are interesting new options. Actually, one of them, cork, also made our list of the basic choices in flooring, but it’s new enough that we believe it qualifies here as well. This is from the August 2007 issue of Timber Homes Illustrated.

Made from the bark of cork oak trees, which can regenerate their bark, cork flooring is a eco-friendly choice that looks great, too. Warm and durable, cork is available in an array of colors and in planks or tiles. Go to or call (303) 544-6076.
No boring floors here: Rare Earth Hardwoods offers 47 styles of inlay strips to add interest under foot. The inlays combine classic and exotic wood species to create bold designs. Go to or call (800) 968-0074 to find out more.
Creative Tile Inc. replicates the effects of time to create their line of aged tiles. Choose from a range of colors and sizes. To view the company’s gallery, log on to or call (214) 827-0552 to discuss your project.
Made from post-industrial recycled leather and natural rubber, the recycled leather tiles from EcoDomo will provide texture and warmth to your floor. Once installed, the tiles weather to a rich patina. Sample colors are shown above. To see more, visit or call (202) 595-0021.
Pioneer Millworks salvages wood from vintage industrial buildings and other sources and reworks them to create beautiful flooring. Choose from a variety of species, plank widths and finishes. See more at or call (800) 951-9663 for information.
The classic double wedding ring quilt pattern becomes a colorful motif for this rug by Judi Boisson. Hand-knitted in color-saturated cotton, the rug comes in several sizes. To see the company’s full line of rugs, go to
or call (631) 283-5466.