The January 2008 issue of Country’s Best Log Homes took a good look at how you want to plan your loft. Included was this list of points to ponder when designing your loft.

1. How much space do you need?
A loft with a pool table would need to be larger than a loft that is used as a sitting area. Think about how you want to use your space before the design process begins.

2. Head height.
Depending on the width of the house, the sloping roof in a loft may significantly limit the amount of usable space in the loft. To maximize the use of your loft, consider adding a dormer, which eliminates the roof’s sharp slope and increases the usable space.

3. Cost.
While a loft may be the most economical way to add square footage to your log home, it is an extra cost. It’ll require additional logs and flooring, and there are other costs associated with adding extras such as a staircase. But if you’re already planning to have a second story, the loft may be a wise investment.

4. Access.
Will the loft be accessible from the great room or other common area, or do you want a private loft accessible only from the master bedroom?

5. Lighting.
Make sure the lighting is adequate to serve the loft’s purpose. Add more windows or install lighting that creates the perfect mood.

6. Ventilation.
It can get hot up in the roof system — be sure to install working windows, as well as a ceiling fan to push out the heat.

This is an excerpt from a sidebar story that ran in full in the January 2008 issue of Country’s Best Log Homes. The magazine featured an extensive look at lofts, including several more pictures.