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Texas Melody
First it was beautiful music that filled this couple’s timber frame home. Now that music is accompanied by the giggles of their two little girls.

Great Escape
Today’s master bedrooms are used for much more than sleeping. These 10 design ideas will help you create the perfect sanctuary.

The Bath & Beyond
10 ways to transcend the ordinary

Mixed Media
Old meets new, iron meets wood and nature comes indoors in the Chicago suburbs.

Power Pinching
13 ways to tighten the belt on your home’s energy costs

Sustainable Harvesting
Take a back-to-basics approach to logging and timber framing.

Period Patina
The antique flavor of timbers from two vintage New England barns is injected with modern technology to complete this timber frame preservation project.

Editor’s Note

Interior Elements
Creating coziness in soaring spaces

Drawing Board
Designing your timber frame home



Topping Off
Reduce the negative impact on the environment and your pocketbook.

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