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The House That Love Built
From the beginning of their married life together, this Colorado couple was destined to build their dream home.

Reverse Retirement
Bucking the retirement trend, a Miami couple heads out West.

Old English Rendering
A medieval cottage comes to life with the artistic touch and perseverance of a dedicated couple.

Make It Your Own
9 easy ways to turn your new timber-framed house into a home

The Starting Block
The answers to these 10 questions will help to get your project off to a running start.

From Dream to Reality
Learn about the important aspects of timber frame home design.

Timber Frame Anatomy
Discover the details of this timeless art of construction.

Building Pros
The Producers Choose the right timber frame company to craft your home.

Package Wise
Build your knowledge of timber frame packages before you build your home.

Building Basics

10 points to guide you through the construction process.

Special pull-out project planner to help you organize the construction of your home

Shiver Me Timbers
Don’t get caught in the cold without a suitable enclosure system to protect your timber frame year round.

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